A Transgendered "Epic"

My first remembrances of "Nikki Araguz" go back a century or so (seems like it!) to a couple Jerry Springer Shows.
I believe the first time I saw her was when she appeared with a genetic blond female friend who said Nikki all of the sudden starting living as a woman and showed up as a party. She added that it was no real surprise but the way Nikki was acting as a female was.
A guy then appeared on the show and said he was "fooled" by her and the sexual activity that resulted.
Turns out this was just the beginning for Nikki's transgendered life in the spotlight.
Years later I read a story about the transsexual wife of a fallen Texas firefighter and it turned out to be the same Nikki.
Of course the fireman's family and seemingly the whole state of Texas came out against her receiving any benefits.
Nikki Araguz

To follow her story go to KTRK TV's site in Houston and see no less than ten stories.
I believe she would be a very compelling person to talk to about  her life.
She is appealing her insurance case, so we haven't heard the end from her yet!


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