Internalizing the "She".

OK, I'm going to admit to you I do a lot of talking to myself.
If you read the blog much that will not surprise you I know!
A couple days ago I discovered myself self making a HUGE mistake. I was internally using the male pronoun "he" with myself. 
Here's an example. I'm a great believer in internal motivation but I started to catch myself in something like "boy let's get to it" not "come on girl!"
Sometimes it seems this entire transgendered path is filled with obvious gender holes to fill- not unlike a new video game.
Once you are pretty sure you have most of the process together, here comes talking yourself as a guy???
My excuse is I'm into changing another lifelong process and some would argue I should have acted on it long ago. I am not even going down that rant!

The fun part is answering myself and you know what that means!!!!!!


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