Friday, January 13, 2012

Hormonal Update

My Friday the 13th hormonal update is very exciting!
As previously reported I started on Estrogen and a Testosterone blocker on New Years Eve.
Fourteen days later I have begun to feel a very unmistakeable change in the sensistivity in my breast area. Specifically with my nipples.
I tried to have no expectations on timing and effects, but I didn't expect those little green tablets I'm taking to have much effect for at least a month. The changes have been a pleasant surprise!
My daughter just asked me yesterday morning if I had felt any effects yet and I told her "only a strange calmness". Went I went home and changed sweaters in a chilly room, I experienced a unmistaken effect.
I can only describe my feelings as elation with a new toy!
So now that changes are officially underway, my trip to the Doc on the 23rd will be a more interesting visit!

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