Validation Void?

Of course you know my inner "drama queen" is working overtime thinking and rethinking  my life changes ahead.
One of her problems is the future reaction to a lack of a solid work experience.
Through out her life a a man, work provided him with validation. No different than most of the male gender.He thrived in pressure macho management situations.
It's no wonder (I guess) the past haunts her as she looks back.
Only time will tell how the validation factor will play out. Not so long ago just going out in public and being accepted as a woman was validation enough. Most certainly that will not be the case in the future.
When the drama queen quiets down, several very real fulfilling validation ideas should become realities.
The first is this blog itself. Since June of 2010 (and 670+ posts) this has become a labor of love. To be able to "pay forward" and help others in any way with my transgender life experiences is huge to me. Having more time to work on the blog and my book is a dream come true. I've even considered trying to do transgendered outreach programs.
On an intensely personal level I want to experience and grow my feminity with close friends and family. While it's true being publically validated as a woman is losing it's importance: being validated as a quality transgendered female person isn't.
Finally, time is growing short and the "queen" finally will be silenced!