Transgender Mentor?

Along the way through our gender journey some of us have identified as a transvestite, transgender or a transsexual person.
For most of us the trip has been a very lonely one. Many have longed for a friend or a mentor to help along the way. Most of you I communicate with still are looking for a magical transgender mentor.
For the most part, I don't think she exists in the traditional sense.
I was lucky. I did reach out to a few women who did help me. One actually made me up once but then sold me out later. The others were actually more of mental role models whose constant input centered around the true female realities.  In essence I was experiencing the female positives and living none of the negatives.
A true mentor is hard to find. In fact I think more and more genetic women suffer from lack of mentors.  They are female of course but not women.  A topic for another post.
The magical mentor who can transport to your chosen gender is in reality yourself.
Sure a woman can apply your makeup and as you fall in love with your new beautiful face (especially if the woman who applied it is in a relationship with you) the dynamics can change radically.
All of a sudden, you could become competition or you become reality.  All of the talking and planning is  behind both of you and your girl self is in front of her.
In some of our cases (me) I loved what I saw  and pushed my mentor for more and more.  She was a very strong person (deceased) and kept pushing me into her world.  Perhaps you have read one of my older posts "You Make A Terrible Woman". Her entire point was I was looking the part but so what? I had no understanding of what reality was as a woman.
At that point I became my own mentor. I observed and became a student of a feminine life.  Sure, I can never experience the problems of a monthly period or the agony and ecstasy of child birth but I can express my female self on my own terms.
Perhaps you are one of the very few who a genetic female has taken by the hand and guided along the feminine gender path.
Congratulations! For the rest of us, get going girls. Do what genetic women have always done. Deal with life the best you can and make it yours.


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