Power Move...Female Style

Think of what most all women do when they talk to each other or to guys. Think of the power of  body language over words.
Think of a woman crossing her legs. A girl is taught at a young age the proper way to sit in a dress or skirt. You see it all the time when women sit across from each other to talk.
I believe in "mirroring" others in conversation. I've seen other women cross their legs after I did as we talked. As a side thought, I believe my posture is more feminine when I cross my legs.
Truthfully I didn't worry about it when I was wearing jeans or pants of some sort but I do now.
Now lets bring guys into the equation.  I grew up in my adolescent years watching mini skirted girls in my classes trying to sit properly and showing an ample amount of thigh. Surely they knew of the angst they were causing!
Or how about the long legged girl friend I had who used the long high slow leg cross in my car so she didn't ruin her panty hose with a run or two.
I learned well the power of a leg cross then and are just staring to discover it again. Actually all of it is beginning to be rather matter of fact to me...except on occasions such as Saturday night.
My friend and I were sitting on a long bench when another couple sat down next to us. The man actually sat next to me. The space was rather limited and as I adjusted to the new seating space I did the slow high leg cross that captivated me so many years before. Truthfully, it was the only way I could.  Well, it certainly captivated him too as he nearly broke his neck to check my legs as his wife's back was turned to him.
OK, I'm a little slow. I'm a woman in a black mini, 4 in heels and fishnets. Wouldn't I be a little insulted if he didn't look?
The bigger picture is that both genders look for different reasons. 
Just another one of those crazy gender lessons!