Be Careful What You Hope For!

Or I could title this post "You Can't Always Get What You Want...But If You Try Sometimes You Get What You Need!'
Today I did. I got my recommendation letter from my psychologist to begin female hormone therapy! I tried, I wanted and I got what I needed. Wow! As recently as a couple of years ago the path I'm taking seemed like an impossible dream. Perhaps a dream I didn't want to pursue.
As pieces of paper go this is a very big one in my life. This paper ranks up there with the college diploma and such.
As I leaned over her shoulder to look at the letter on the computer, several of the most beautiful pronouns in the English language jumped out at me. The pronoun of course was she. The sentence went something like this: Cyrsti is in a transitory period and I have been seeing her for the past several months. She is interested in hormone therapy to continue her transition.
Several hours later when my feet touched the ground again I began to think this was just the beginning...again.
From the first time I slid my Mom's hose over my legs and squeezed into her bra to this point in my life was one giant twisting journey.
Doesn't seem possible but I'm doing it again!
I would like to thank all of you who have been following this and on occasion reach out to me with your thoughts! It means a lot!


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