As Promised! Witches Ball Details!

To start with, the "Southgate House" in Newport, Kentucky (across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) was the ideal spot for the Witches Ball ,my Wiccan friend and I.
To start with, Southgate is a four story circa 1814 mansion (haunted).  Over the decades, the venue has been sliced and diced into a somewhat"long in the tooth" " frozen in time" music house.
As you enter the main front doors ( you see to the right) you go down a short hallway into a downstairs bar.  Behind it and down is a  ball room with a balcony 
The second floor has another bar and I presume the ghosts hang out on the third floor if they don't like the music.
OK, I certainly hope I haven't bored you too much! The fun part is coming!
Peeps wise, the Witches Ball basically is divided into age groups with different interests in music and costumes. Pirates and belly dancers are upstairs...the younger whatever crowd in the ballroom. 
My only problem with checking out all of the crowd was negotiating narrow flights of stairs in my 4" heels! But negotiate we did.
Increasingly it was clear the pirates and dancers were more to our tastes.
That my friends is the best part and I'm saving the details for the next post!