The Primal "Call of the Drums"!

We headed upstairs and followed the sounds of the "Doumbek Drums".  We found a seat on a long padded bench in a room that looked similar to an old English castle room.  I was looking for "King Arthur" in the dimly lit room with the dark wood and stained glass.
We cuddled and watched three belly dancers.  Two were particularly good at balancing big swords on their heads as they danced. As impressive as that was, the combination of the drums (a strong distinctive primal beat) and the sensuality of the women on the floor was really getting into this trans girl's heart and mind!
As time started to fade away more dancers just flowed into the room and actually filled the floor. I was blown away!
As luck would have it, my friend actually is in the process of taking belly dancing lessons and has discussed me joining in.  At first I thought the whole idea was rather far fetched but after seeing the women participate in the passion last night, I sure would love to try!
First off, "belly dancing" had very little to do in describing what I saw.
I witnessed a centuries old revival of the sensuality of women.  In some way the women were bonding with each other in dance; feeding off the sensuality of the others. The dance was yet another side of women I had never seen.
Of course the dream of joining the circle of dance in whatever form may be an impossible dream. Then again, most of what I do with my gender transition these days used to be an impossible dream.
I was incredibly fortunate to be at the right at the right place to experience a form of primal sensuality close up and in person...and the evening wasn't even over!


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