What Will The Neighbors Say?

Perhaps along the way I should have explained how I come and go from my house as two different genders.
I live in an urban area in a medium sized town.
Over the years I have risked more than just being recognized.  When my wife was alive, there was the fear I would ruin our life if I was recognized by the wrong people. Thank God that never really happened.
When she passed the whole ordeal of being outed was less than a priority. I have told a story or two here when I was. Normally after I brushed the whole story off, the people who saw me talked to a close friend of mine. She refused to lie (that's cool) and said yes that's him...so what?
Fortunately my neighborhood changes quite a bit. Many rent an apartment or house and are gone within 6 months.
Some do stick around and are very interesting to interact with...when I do.
I get a lot of side glances, especially from a teenaged boy I perceive to be trans or gay who lives behind me.
No one YET has asked who is that other person?  If they are asking, chances are they already know.  I'm a very honest person and I have considered my answer...a political style change the subject.
Sure that's me but maybe it's someone else who was visiting that day.
The bottom line is it their problem  not mine.  Maybe they won't be so bored!


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