Two Is A Fun Number!

Enjoyed a long delayed evening with a female friend last night.  For whatever reason we had just not been able to get together to catch up on life. She is the one I went to the NFL game with last year.
We met in the place I go to on a regular basis. As we sat and talked a few of the friends I have met came up and it was fun and new to introduce a girlfriend as a girl.
Interestingly enough my girlness extended to the guy who called me man at the end of our music conversation the other night. (Alpha Post) He walked by and told my friend "you can't believe a word she says" referring to me! How quickly pronouns change!
The whole evening of engaging in girl talk with her and the others just reinforced in me how good it feels to be a girl!
All of the sudden the restroom issue wasn't one as we exchanged comments about the young "Elvis" pictures on the walls.  The pronoun issue wasn't one as I was addressed as "she".
For one evening at least I transitioned! The fun part was I was just being me.


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