Answered My Own Question?

I agonized over how I should talk to the "Doc" when I set up my hormone appointment date. I have never been really happy with my voice but others tell me it's fine.
The phone of course sets up a whole new dynamic. A voice with no visual.
I finally decided to try a softer version of my own voice and go from there. When she called back and I answered she (of course) asked for me by my male name. When I told her she was speaking to me, there was a slight pause.
As we discussed a date of September 7th, she seemed to relax to the point of even enjoying the conversation.  In turn I felt even more relaxed. She apologized for the wait to see me and I told her I had been waiting for years for this...a couple weeks sure wouldn't be a big deal.
She ended with "I'm looking forward to meeting you". Probably I'm a bit different?
My next decision is how to dress for the occasion.  I don't see going in guy drag will give her a fair representation of who I really am. 
If living the life is a deciding factor for her...might as well "git r done"!


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