Stuck in the Restroom with You?

Not only you...but your young kids (male and female)?
Sure it happened the other night and was exciting and or scary.
I decided to stay closer to home and go out earlier on a weekend night. I was secure in my girlness and really couldn't sit where I could see the restroom. When I had to go, I hoped for the best.
So much for hoping. When I entered, the room was crawling with little kids and Moms.
I kept my act together and didn't panic or run and found an empty stall. Fortuantely the kids and Moms were fighting each other and barely noticed me.
I took care of my business and waited a split second before i exited the stall and headed for the sinks. I learned the hard way not to hide in a stall when there are other women waiting.
I washed up and only faced a server passing through also. She gave me a knowing smile and I headed back to my seat.
The whole early evening was different in that I ran into people I know in my male life. I don't like that but was successful tonight. No one gave me the second look.
That's all good but kids in the restroom are cruel and unusual punishment!


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