The Wedding Fantasy, Transgendered Style

One of the strongest female experiences most of us have totally missed out on in our lives is the whole wedding process. Most women are preoccupied with the process from youth to middle age, when they are mothers of the bride or groom. "The girls at "Fabulous after 40" started my thought processes!
From the wedding dress itself to the bridesmaid dresses (every woman seems to complain about) I've been fascinated with the process.  The closest I've ever came to the event was an invitation  to a "bachlorette party"...kind of. The invite was extended as a "nice" gesture more than a serious one and I was "nice" enough to not accept. I shouldn't have been that nice! The strip club they went to alone would have been an experience of a lifetime! Too late now. I don't spend much time crying over spilled perfume.
You know as well as I do the multitude of web sites, bridal shows, magazines and reality television shows that deal with the wedding process. Wedding's are big business and the transgendered community is no different.
I'm sure you've seen a couple of the blogs or websites that deal with transgendered weddings. I'm talking about the dress and ceremony rather than the act itself. Lots of pictures of the trans bride in beautiful dresses. Many are hetero crossdressers living out their fantasy.
Not surprising when you consider the strength of the female experience. Maybe you are one that cherishes the thought or even the reality of the dress and the whole process. Walking down that aisle as the center of attention is a wonderful fantasy the great majority of us will never experience. Including me. I truly can't tell you if I ever want it to or at what level. I've never been a person who really respected all the expensive fluff of a big wedding. I just understood why and wondered how it would be to be a part someday.
One never knows though when the person will come along and change all of that. If it happens, I'll throw you the bouquet!


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