Kin to the "Hood"?

Every once in a while I dazzle myself with how fast I pick up on a female idea or action. Other times I mentally slap myself for days about how slow I am.
One of the "magic chair" occupants the other night was a big girl I've seen a couple times in the places I go. I have appreciated she sort of "goes over the top" with her style. Last night maybe a little to much with the over the knee black suede boots and a frilly very short, tight and low cut dress. Maybe not quite the outfit for a predominantly male drinking crowd.
When she sat down next to me, I thought she would say something to me. She didn't and moved down to the middle of the bar a short time later.
For the briefest moment of "bitchdom" I thought why would I want to talk her? The way she looked?
Then I thought "wait a moment idiot girl" both of you are the real sisters in the crowd. She was trying her best to attract a guy. I was doing my best to exist female in the crowd.
Hopefully, the next time I see her, I can make a new friend. (maybe I can borrow the boots?)