Whats in a name?

Every now and then discussion pops up about how we choose our names in our chosen gender.
The unique part of the process is that most of us make the choice on our own. Without parental or family input of any kind.
What happens when your child is choosing a name?
An interesting look into the process comes from a site called "Salon". A woman details the process her 11 year daughter and family went through choosing a new name.
From letting the child have total choice to a suggestion process, she covers it all!
Just imagine if you had the freedom to transition at an early age. Would you or could you have made a sound decision?
If I was in the situation with my family (which of course I wasn't), we could have taken several family directions with a name. It would have not been an option but "Jessie" would have been a great choice. It's softly feminine and has roots in the family history.
I have mentioned before that I would choose the name today. Ironically, the process would be almost as difficult as the transition form my male name to Cyrsti.
As world problems go this is a small one for me. Just imagine how big it would be for a family in the process?