Whose to Blame?

Did your Mom dress you in girl clothes. Did your aunt humiliate you? Did your sister and her friends dress you up?
Do you have a person that you "blame" for your condition?
In my case, my brother is certain my Mom had a hand in starting me down this road.  I truly don't remember being dressed in girl's clothes. In addition, the way my Dad was, he would have killed her if he found out. The only hint that she might have was when I came out to her.  She seemed really defensive and said "get a shrink".
Doesn't really matter. She passed away nearly ten years ago.
Over the years I've read some very interesting stories of how individuals were "introduced" to the sisterhood.
Even more interesting is the number of girls who want to be humiliated. I understand why of course.If someone forces you to do something there is less guilt.
On the other, some of us subscribe to a traditional female role.Take it another step and cleaning the house can be so much fun and exotic in a short skirt and heels. Could it be more fun if I was forced to it by a hot woman or guy?
Personally,  my idea of the traditional female role is I'm a little more submissive, listen more and enjoy the other person's passion and even ego.
The biggest surprise I experience now is  the number of sisters who contact me that are into bondage. I never make a value judgement on how a person feels of course. As always (you know me) I do have a couple questions.
Is it me? Do a couple of my pictures portray me as a dom? OR
How did this get started for the girl? Did someone tie them up as a kid? Just curious.I've asked and gotten the same answer "I want to or have to." Understood again. It's the answer I give people who ask why I'm trans. It's inside me. So the bottom line is if you don't hurt anyone and the interaction is between consenting adults...what's the harm?
The only blame here is if you don't live your life the best you can. "Dayita" said it best. "So I am in a relationship where dressing is *not* an option, but I've finally come to grips with my truth that trying to live a "masculine" life is really toxic for me. So I've been working on the inner transformation as it is the one that matters most." She is living her life the best she can. A lesson to all of us.