A Woman's Perogative

To change her mind? How about her look?
About two weeks ago I settled into a new look.  My new hair color is almost black (very dark) and shorter and straighter than I've worn in a while.
I'm fortunate to know a couple hairdresser/beauticians who lend me their advice. One told me to "darken up the makeup and bring out the eyes with heavy black eye makeup." As I worked on the look, my eyes really did jump out.  I have greenish eyes that sort of took on a steel blue look. Very dramatic and quite fun! The final effect isn't so much Italian or Latino but somehow closer to a Native American look. (I'll have to get a picture to post)
The bottom line is that I seem to present better, especially to guys in my age bracket (more mature! lol!)
My problem is that I tried a longer strawberry blond look last night and fell in love with it! It's more of a fun (Harley Girl) look.
The bad thing is I hate leaving a successful look behind (for awhile).  The good thing is change is there for the taking. My friends are used to seeing me change styles.
In my eyes-it's a girl's birth right. I love it!