What's in a Name?

So many labels, so little time!
Are you a cross dresser or a trans sexual or a trans gendered person? As I venture out more and more I get those questions. The most confusing answer is "I'm a tweener". If you put cross dresser on one side of a spectrum and post op trans sexual on the other, I'm in the middle. I spend a portion of my life presenting as female. I'm too much girl for the cross dressers and not enough for the trans sexuals. I've had no hormone therapy or surgery.
But aren't trans sexual women cross dressers?  Yes in the sense they can never become full females in the strictest definition of the word. No if you consider they are totally feminized.
So it is no wonder the public is confused about us. So are we!
It is frustrating that the "T" in "GBLT" is only used when the gay community wants an extra group to push for their agenda. Plus, certain sites on the web seem to place more value on how far you've climbed up the TG ladder towards surgery.
The bottom line is that all of this revolves around labels. Humans need them.
Sometimes it's fun to describe a gender "tweener"! I love to be unique!