Do Clothes Make the?

As we finished one of her great home made dinners, one of my close genetic female friends decided she had had enough of her bra for the day and took it off under her shirt. The conversation then turned to how comfortable my bra was and what part do my clothes play when I'm presenting as a female.
Obviously clothes play a huge role. I'm still amused when someone asked if I dress from the "skin-out" as a girl.
No, I'm really wearing boxers under my denim skirt! Come on!
I'm like the majority of the female population. I like to look as good as I can and have to work very hard at it!
The clothes however are just an external statement of the female side of me. So no-clothes don't make the girl with me. The girl plays with and enjoys the clothes just the same as a genetic female.
The major difference is that women get to play with the "fun" fabrics.  When a young guy first starts noticing girls that package comes with soft and colorful female clothes. Is it any wonder that most of us start down this  path with a fixation on hose or other lingerie?
But if you notice, the males who transition into full time women lose much of the "flash" of their TG sisters.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
I just wonder if the women across the table from me had been a transitioned female would she still have done it? Sure why not? If I had real breasts, I would have taken mine off!

So, clothes do make the girl with me. I have to wear them and I WANT to wear them to be the best looking woman I can be. However, there is a big difference in making the girl and starting the girl.  The girl already exists and is just doing her best to have a little piece of the world!