A Rare Night Out

Dining Out from the Jessie Hart

Last night I talked my wife Liz into going to one  of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  She works hard and is very much a homebody so getting her to go out is rare. On the other hand, I consider getting in motion to go out and eat is one of my rare pleasures. 

The excuse I used last night was since we were already going to be out to vote anyway, I would treat her to dinner so she wouldn't have to cook. Since we always consider voting to be so important, I didn't have much convincing to do to get her to go out and eat. 

First of all, voting went quickly and I always consider the voting process an honor because of two reasons. The first is obvious because these days, with the spread of anti-transgender legislation, it is important to make sure we all get out the vote to combat it.  All means all of us. Even if you are still deep in your closet, you never know when the door will open and you will need the rights you voted for to live a quality life in the world. The second reason I like to vote is, it reminds me of the first real time I had to use my brand new Ohio Driver's License to vote and my license had the magical female (F) on it. I'm sure as long as I live, I will never forget the experience of voting the first time with my new I.D. 

As I said, voting went quickly and I was treated with respect so I felt good about continuing the evening in another venue we know so well.

These days, ordering from a restaurant menu is a little dicey because Liz and I are on a strict sugar and flower free diet. Using s little imagination we were able to order fajita's without the beans, rice or tortilla's and just had salads instead. Since I have tried to follow the diet the best I could, I enjoyed a mini celebration with a beer. Regardless of all of that, no one paid us any extra attention, which back in the day would have been a problem. Even though I very much am able to move through society without many problems these days, I still remember the days which I couldn't. 

Since Liz and I were able to enjoy a rare night out, I am hoping I can convince her to get out more often. She even orders most of our groceries and household items to be delivered. I am hoping the weight she is losing will fuel a new found confidence in her which will allow her to go out more often. Fortunately, she knows my feeling on the subject. I need to public acceptance to help my overall mental health about being a secure transgender woman. 

I am a big believer in success breeds success and soon I will be enjoying more nights out.