This comment comes from "Georgette" in the "Medium" platform:

'WOW, Lay it all down on the "Not so Visible" TS/TG people that in the past just wanted to live some semblance of an everyday "normal" life,

I won't use the word "stealth", as for me that means something different, Something akin to "witness protection", Where someone breaks off all contact with anyone from ones past life, Which at one time that was encouraged and almost required,

My partner and I made no hiding of the facts to our families and work, Infact I transitioned at the same work center and with anyone that cared in the company (a fairly large corporation), I was not hidden away but worked at a variety of company sites (mostly all Dept of Def), And would also travel to other areas of the USA to work on special projects,

I may not have been out to all as in telling my background (as in anouncing here I am the TS), But is that really necessary,

We didn't purposely avoid any contact with others, There were NO actual TG/TS support groups that I knew of locally, But around 1985 we just made no effort to keep up with the local CD groups and stopped going to all the Lesbian clubs, We just settled in as growing old as two women together,

And yes I see those arguments on-line of an almost hierarchy of TG/TS, Such a sad state of affairs,

I'm glad you still have a loving partner, And I may feel envious you still have one (mine dying in 2014 after 39 years), Too often I meet the ones that have lost/divorced/or who never had one, But you state that you seldom go anywhere without her, My loving partner and I would have many adventures outside just the two of us,

Since my loss I have come back out to a LGBT+ world that I am trying to figure out, And will tell my long background to any that want to hear it, I may still not be obvious to the non-LGBT+ world but don't really hide it either.'

Thanks so much for the comment!