Thursday, February 4, 2021


Do you know what a "Terf" is, or what it means?

To put it simply, a Terf is a cis woman who dislikes transgender women  First of all, here's how the name came to be. It is the abbreviation for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism. Essentially the idea it is impossible for a person assigned a specific gender at birth to transition and occupy the space of another gender. They take it as far as seeing it  as an invasion all over again from the patriarchy and essentially raping women again. 

In their neat conceptual world, men are the predators and women are the prey. To introduce any form of a transgender woman is an attack on feminism everywhere in addition to trans males being a threat to butch lesbians.

I would have to ask Paula for sure but I think Terf's are more publicized in Great Britain where Paula is from. However, a few years ago I was confronted by gender rejection at a lesbian Valentine's Dance Liz and I went to here in Cincinnati. You could definitely refer to the person who literally sought me out to harass me as a Terf. 

I was minding my own business waiting for Liz to rejoin me with a few appetizers when this lesbian approached and started to ask me about what my "real" name was. Unfortunately, I hadn't had my name legally changed yet to produce my driver's license.  By the time Liz returned, the bitch had disappeared again into the crowd. 

Being the glutton for punishment I was back in those days, I even tried to join Liz's lesbian meet up group which put on the dance. Naturally I was rejected for being transgender and not a "real" woman. Shortly after that, Liz left the group, 

Since essentially, my feminine upbringing was helped along by cis women lesbians, I know all lesbians aren't Terf's. Plus, naively I have always felt the more the better when it comes to any form of human movements. In other words, I don't understand why cis women Terf's wouldn't want transgender women involved in their search for equality in gender rights. After all, we have seen the gender world  from both sides and made our choice to leave our male privileges behind. 

In the meantime, I will forever remember the time I was gender slurred and attacked by a Terf. 


  1. Yes they are a BIG problem her in the UK, they are a very small but very vocal and very well funded minority, and our media seem to hear and listen to them. For me the idea they embrace of bodily determinism is diametrically opposed to main stream feminism ~ but a lot of people who claim to be feminists really aren't or haven't really thought it all through. They also seem to miss understand what it is they should be fighting, men are not the enemy, the patrimony is.

    I have been fairly active in both the feminist movement and LGBT+ matters over here so I am well aware of how much of a minority they really are, not all feminists and certainly not all lesbians are TERFs.

  2. A TERF is one who does not accept the premise that trans women are women. As long as they stick to that, there's no sense in arguing with them. Don't call them TERFs to their faces, by the way, as they think the acronym to be a slur (even though any negativity in it is toward trans people; not toward them).

    I have not, knowingly, had a face to face encounter with a TERF. Their rhetoric has influenced people enough that I have had to defend myself to a few people who, though they are not radical feminists, would like to see trans women excluded from some women's spaces. Even in very left-leaning Seattle, there are those who would have me exempt from using a women's restroom, and even more who don't want me anywhere near a women's locker room. I could still face rejection should I need access to a women's shelter. The fear mongering done by TERFs only makes it worse.

    On the other side, we have to deal with the far-right Christians, who believe that men are men and women are women. Patriarchy is built in to their views, which is opposite to the views of radical feminists. Yet, both groups are partly made up of "trans exclusionists." I have been accosted for wearing a cross on a chain around my neck for my supposed blasphemy - not only worthy of exclusion from women's spaces, but any place God may be.

    I agree with Paula, in that feminism and exclusion of trans women are incongruent. In fact, I would say that the term TERF is an oxymoron.