Friday, February 1, 2019

Busy Weekend

It seems I have a busier weekend than I thought coming up. As I previously wrote about, tonight (Friday) is karaoke social night. Anymore it seems, fewer and fewer of the attendee's even try to sing and go simply because there is safety in numbers at this location. Or, we/they are accepted there. Also, it's a very nice time for the part-time cross dressers to wear their new outfits. As one of the few cis-women there, I think my partner Liz likes all the attention she gets. Especially after losing 120 pounds. As far as true transgender women anymore, I think the number is shrinking, due to several factors. The major one being the sudden lack of "admirers" who happened to be at the restaurant. In other words, for awhile, there seemed to be several men attracted to certain members of the group. They quit coming for one reason or another.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) we are going back to the upscale Italian restaurant we frequent fairly regularly. That's the good news, the bad news is the cross dresser who is madly in love with Liz will be there too. There is not much nice I can write about him except I love to block his advances and the food is good. As far as I ever get "dressed up" happens when we go to this place. I'm thinking about reintroducing my cream colored over the hip sweater with a pair of patterned leggings and black boots. The venue is upscale casual, so the outfit should work well.

Finally Sunday, we have another get together with the non trans - crossdresser group we are in. It's the one where the woman I call the "prodder" or Mom comes to. If you don't remember, she was the one who always had something derogatory to say about my hair. I am hoping she comes so she can see my new hair. With my luck, she won't be there.

I just hope we can be home in time for the Super Bowl. For any number of reasons I am keeping my picks quiet. Although I am rooting for the Rams :) 


  1. I don't know if there is some connection with karaoke and trans admirers, but I've had more than my share of being hit on at karaoke night. This one guy would order a drink for me every time I was up singing, so that it would be sitting there for me when I got back to my seat. In his doing so, he eliminated the possibility that I'd refuse the drink, so it was that much harder for me to refuse his unwanted advances as the evening went on. I finally made a deal with the bartender, and he would make non-alcoholic versions of my drink when this guy ordered them for me. I also learned that the admirer was attending this monthly event just because I would presumably be there, so I started showing up an hour later. The bartender informed me that he'd been there, but left when he could not find me.

    Another lesson on womanhood? I think so, because this guy got more aggressive with each drink he would buy for me. After the third one, I think he thought he had "bought" me, and I should have been willing to succumb to his advances.

    As far as that cross dresser who is in love with Liz, I wonder if he thinks that, since she is with you - a trans woman - she could also be interested in him. Has he started buying drinks for her? :-)

  2. After I'd made that last comment, I thought that I may have been misgendering the cross dresser. You did refer to "him", and I had it in my mind that this was the same one who came to the gatherings in guy mode, but I could be wrong. So, because I would always use feminine pronouns for an MtF cross dresser (when she's presenting female), I apologize if I was mistaken. We can have the same problems from within the umbrella as everybody else, I guess.

    Brady will probably pick the Rams' secondary apart, unless the rush can put enough pressure on him. Also, if the Rams can get away with those blatant pass interference non-calls again.... I would have preferred seeing the Saints in this game, but I'm pretty much anti-Patriots in any case (not to mention the bitterness that a Seahawk fan has left over). :-)