Are You Welcome Where?

I think it's safe to say, it's still tough to assume we transgender women and trans men for the most part are "welcomed" in the rest rooms of their choice.

Going back to the casino story here in Cyrsti's Condo, Connie commented on her experiences in a casino restroom, which happen to be close to mine, except I was not with a cross dresser -transgender group:

FABULOUSCONNIEDEEFebruary 7, 2018 at 12:15 PM
It would be prudent to be aware that Native American casinos do not always have to follow the same rules or laws that you may be used to off the Reservation. I think that most of them try to be accommodating (they want as many people to come in and lose their money as possible, anyway).

A number of years ago, the trans social group I have mentioned before went, en mass and en femme, to a nearby casino. While a couple of them were using the ladies room, they were detained by security (sans cuffs) in much the same way. This casino, however, came to an agreement with the group that allowed them to use the family-friendly restroom (which this group so femininely call a "single holer") at the far end of the casino. I have been to that casino a couple of times, but not with that group. I disregarded the rule, though, and used the ladies room without incident. I imagine it could have much to do with being discreet, but there are always many eyes watching you in a casino - no matter who you are."
Plus, the casino I was in at the time, was not Native American owned. 
On a larger scale, Paula Goodwin, checked in on how it is to live in London (UK):
I feel very blessed to live in busy, liberal, accepting London (UK) and have very little acknowledgement never mind issues! I usually find that the most frequent reaction to my presence is simply to ignore. Since this is the way everybody gets treated in London that's fine by me.

I suspect that generally the UK is more liberal and accepting than the US, however that does not mean we all have it easy, I have recently been hearing of the major problems I trans woman is having in a nice bit of Berkshire with frequent unwanted sexual advances/ on street abuse. I know that in some places this is simply the nature of being a woman, but in Berkshire! ~ I had expected better."
Paula, I can't speak to Berkshire and to excess sexual advances, but overall, I think it is safe to assume in the United States, your larger metro areas have a real tendency to be more liberal and LGBT friendly.
Thanks to both of you, for your comments.


Connie said…
Living in a liberal city means that there is more tolerance for all people, including those who may be living on the streets - many of whom would probably be chased away or arrested in a conservative city or town. When I've been working, watering the large hanging flower baskets in the middle of downtown Seattle, I have been either harassed or propositioned for sex by men so many times that I've lost count. It's a rare day that I can stand at the bus stop without being approached by some creep, when all I want to do is get home from work.

The irony of this "liberalism" does not escape me. Still, it's just part of the unfortunate "bad" that comes with the "good" of being able to live an out and about trans life.

I still don't understand what causes any young man to be attracted to me at all. I'm in my mid-sixties, and I'm certainly not dressed provocatively when I am working (jeans and T-shirt, bandanna and tennis shoes). That I'm trans, I guess, is a signal to the ignorant that permission is implied. So, I have to tolerate this just to be granted tolerance by the liberal society at large? So far, I suppose the answer is Yes. We may have "come a long way, baby," as the adage goes, but there is still a long way to go.