A Great Time to be Transgender?

With "TDOR" upon us (Transgender Day of Remembrance), it's easy to overlook the recent strides the LGBT trans community has made at the polls.

While indeed, it's a dramatic start, TDOR is a sobering reminder of the violence directed at the transgender community. At one of my support meetings, someone called last year's ceremony in the Greater Cincinnati area "dark."

Doesn't it have to be? I suppose too, some would argue the world as a whole is much more violence and we are just a sub portion. I don't buy that because as long as hate crimes are directed at the trans community, we are no different than other minorities. And deserve the same protections, rather than trying to take them away as we are seeing under the current administration.

The bottom line for all of us to remember on TDOR is none of us are safe from the violence. Especially those who have a difficult time "passing" naturally.

So, let TDOR be a reminder to be careful out there.


Paula said…
We had our event for TDOR in Croydon on Saturday, it was a solemn occasion (as it should be) and very moving, at the end unscripted or prompted our Mayor told a story about how when she used to manage hostels a young woman lived in one, she was of Pakistani origins but was living happily alone and working as a Pharmacist. One day seven men walked in, took her away and just told the receptionist that MR PATEL (!) was going on holiday back to Pakistan ~ needles to say this was the first most of then knew that she was trans, and she was never seen again.