Transgender Thanksgiving Week

Here in the United States at least, we are heading into the official week of Thanksgiving. Liz and I braved the hustle and bustle of our mega grocery store yesterday to do her "Turkey Day" shopping. Per norm, there and at a Walmart we went to, no one paid me any attention. This time of year, people are too wrapped up in themselves anyway to notice the occasional transgender woman.

Plus, as I found out from Paula, my height may not be much of a factor anyhow:
"Paula GoodwinNovember 20, 2017 at 5:08 AM
I used to "go out" with a girl who admitted to being five foot twelve inches tall. Of the three of us who (occasionally) work for my business at 5 10 I am the shortest and both the others are Cis women!"
Thanks Paula (follow her link to her blog) I like the five foot twelve inches!
My problem too, is my thickness. There is nothing I can do about being "big boned" but I walk the distance of a football field (100 yards) at least everyday and I am starting to watch my diet I don't have to watch my mid section instead. I have the opposite problem of most cis-women in that I want the weight to go to my hips. Which it doesn't so much.
Through out the week, I will try to post what I am most thankful for. Today, I would like to thank all of you for stopping into Cyrsti's Condo as much as you do. There is no way I would have ever thought my humble efforts would go this far!
Much more to come :)