Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Transgender Thanksgiving Mail

Received a couple interesting comments to pass along:
  1. Thickness can be a problem above the neck, too. :-)

    The job I got with UPS has me burning more calories than I am taking in. 100 yards is a cakewalk for me these days! Plus, Seattle is very hilly, so I'm up and down lots of stairs. I don't, however, get lots of stares. ;-) I am a driver's helper, which is a grunt job, doing everything but drive the truck - all in an ugly brown uniform. I was assigned to work with a woman driver who is the same height as me (5'9"), and I think we may weigh about the same, as well. This is a far different way of blending in than I had ever considered before! It's OK though, as yesterday I got to be all prettied-up with a group of ladies at a baby shower for my daughter, and I blended right in there, too. I'm so excited, by the way, that I will have a granddaughter soon who will never know me as "Grandpa" first, as it has been for my other four grandchildren.

    Lots and lots to be thankful for!!!!!
  2. Here in the UK we don't do thanksgiving, after all it was for getting away from us that you are being thankful! But I often remind myself how much I have to be thankful for, I live in a modern western liberal democracy, which recognizes my right to exist, offers me the protection of the law, and provides a society that not only accepts, but embraces me.

    After TDOR this week this means a lot!"
  3. Thanks to both of you!  Congratulations Connie :)
  4. Of course this week I am also grateful for my super accepting friends, family and medical professionals!
  5. More tomorrow!

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