Saturday, November 18, 2017

Twin Towers

It is not often I see a cis woman with a clear height advantage over me, but I did this morning during one of Liz's classes I went to.

Of course, the first things I look for are any signs the woman may be of the transgender variety, and I am convinced she wasn't.

I am about five foot ten inches tall, so it's not like I am a seven footer and I suspected this woman was "six-two" or slightly more. She was flat out gorgeous and I did my best to get in line behind her to check out her height and more. I could only hope that someday my hips would fill out like hers and fill out a nice set of stretch jeans. (A girl can dream!)

One nice thing about her being close to me was she took all of any possible attention from me!

***As you may have noticed, I am trying out new blog platforms, so I'm trying to keep posts short until I figure out all the bells and whistles...if there are any!


  1. On this somewhat pale sand-like background, your blog title tends to fade into it because of it being white with light grey drop shadow. To work with this background, it should be black with a darker drop shadow.

  2. But what about the whistles for a belle's figure? Or the belle's platforms? I was downtown last night and saw a belle in high platforms leaning against a short post - but she wanted more than a whistle, and she really wasn't much of a belle. I imagine she has a sad background, too..... Oh, I'm sorry, you were referring to your site.....She was quite a sight, though. :-)

    I like the white, btw, as I can actually read it without glasses.

  3. I used to "go out" with a girl who admitted to being five foot twelve inches tall. Of the three of us who (occasionally) work for my business at 5 10 I am the shortest and both the others are Cis women!

  4. Thanks Jeni and Connie for your input! :)