Friday, May 5, 2017

No Creativity

When I started Cyrsti's Condo under a different name some six years ago, I had a simple idea to pass along what I had learned from my sometimes crazy transgender life to others. Often I hoped it worked, other times I am not so sure.

The blog slowly but surely wove it's way out of my adventures in different cross dressing situations with a variety of wigs and clothes into leading a 24/7 life as a trans woman on HRT. I even changed my legal name and gender markers on on the available identification forms available to me. Exciting times indeed.

Now though, as life has slowed down, I am searching for different ways to express myself and write about them on the blog. Slowly but surely, I am searching for other ways to be an activist and volunteer more in causes I see a desperate need for.

Take Trans Ohio for example. They operate a very active educational and year around legislative push here in the Buckeye State for changes such as the antiquated birth certificate gender laws. Perhaps they could use some help.

The only thing I do know is, with the way our society is today, any voices out of the wilderness will help.

Perhaps it is my turn to write blog posts so boring as to make paint dry. Because the only paint I can write about is the nail polish I managed to scrape up already.

I have written here about the "anti stealth" . A stage in your life when you are living exactly how you want, regardless of how it plays out in the public's eye.

Perhaps doing a little more work on the activist side will combat that!

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