Thursday, January 12, 2017

The "Apple" of His Eye?

It's been awhile since I have encountered an admirer.

For you who do not know, the simplest definition of an admirer is a cis-male who is attracted to a transgender woman or crossdresser.

This person stumbled (not literally) on me through another transgender woman I know. Ironically our disagreement on the causes of global warming opened the door to further communication- on the internet even.

Before I knew it we were off the subject and onto the fact of how friendly I seemed. From there he went to the usual series of questions concerning how far along was my transition, how pretty I was and oh, by the way-what was my sexuality. He understood I was in a relationship and a lesbian.

By this time I had to respect how smooth he was. Mark Twain and global warming all the way to my sexuality in under 10 questions.

Of course he was going to ask me out too (I still have no idea where he lives).

All of this goes back to an old movie I never saw "Trans Girls are Easy." Admirers must have it on their most watched list.

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