Thursday, January 12, 2017

Paper Girl?

I thought this experience from Connie's past was at once charming, scary, funny and along the way I was envious!

 " Did I ever tell you the story about my paper route adventure? At the tender age of thirteen, very early on a Sunday morning, I got dressed up in my mother's clothes, put on some makeup and a wig, and began my delivery of the Portland Oregonian. I had 97 papers to deliver up a long steep hill, and they were quite full of inserts that morning. I decided, therefore, that I needed the help of my mom's car. She had driven me up the hill a few times before, but I was in no condition to wake her to ask this time. So......I coasted the car out of the driveway and then proceeded to do the route. 

My mother figured out later that day what I'd done, but I was really surprised by her reaction. She was not so mad that I'd used the car, and she was only slightly more upset that I'd borrowed her clothes and wig. Her big problem was that, if someone she knew had seen me, she would have been so embarrassed that someone would think SHE would be out and about at 4:00 AM! She did punish me, but I kinda took it as a compliment that she thought I might "pass" (even if it were as my mother)"

While I have written a number of times of how I used my paper route money to finance makeup and shoes, there would have been no way I could pulled off what you did Connie and lived to write about it today!!!!

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