Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Make Me a Woman? Help???

The other day, I saw a plea from one of my online contacts to help "make him a woman."

Number one, I do not possess such God or Goddess like qualities and number two, even asking such a question shows a complete misunderstanding of the situations the individual is going through.


A true gender transition must start on the inside and work it's way out, not vice versa. A great number of the most beautiful cross dressers and drag queens on the planet have no intention of ever being a woman. So I recommend living as much as you can in the feminine world and then deciding if you want to go further down a transgender path. If all goes well, your interior gender leanings will match your exterior and all will be well.

You will also have to learn the basic differences of living as the opposite gender as well. If you haven't noticed, cis women who can be the most nurturing, loving people on the planet, can also be the most clannish, vindictive and competitive too. When push comes to shove (and it might) men are basically more social like dogs and women more like cats.

One example would be a divorce. Many times caused by the input of another woman on a man and healed by a group of women friends on the other.

Can you imagine how wealthy a person could be if she could wave her magic wand and "make" a man a woman?  Then change a person back when the change wasn't at all what he expected? The loss of male privilege alone can cause many to turn back.

Of course I journeyed to the feminine side, looked around, took my lumps and stayed. The reason I am so pessimistic is how traumatic the trip can be. However, once you reach the other side and you belong there, there is no better feeling in the world.

No, I can't make you a woman but I can help along the way. Perhaps better than most cis women because I have been there and done it.

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