A Different Potty Break?

As I read the beginning of this post, I have to admit I was totally taken aback from the direction it took. Here is an excerpt:

"I'm 5 foot 3 inches tall and under 105 pounds. My red curly hair goes down to the middle of my back. I have long eyelashes (they're natural, I swear) and I am usually wearing some sassy shirt with a sarcastic quip like "In Your Dreams Loser." I'm a size one in girl's jeans. My voice is soft. Anyone who meets me, but doesn't actually know me, would never question my gender. They would assume I'm female. But I'm not. I have a penis.
I'm not transgender, but I don't identify as a man either. To me gender is this limiting and negative social construct I want nothing to do with. I'm just me. I'm more like a woman in some ways and more like a man in others. But because I don't intend to transition or start the process to become a woman, I never question which bathroom I use. I use the men's.
And this is what happens:
A man comes in and sees me washing my hands. He looks as if he has been slapped. He backs up and looks at the door to make sure he's in the right place."
Now, before you want to jump to conclusions on "passing privilege" and the like, go here and read the rest of the post.