Sunday, September 11, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday edition is hitting your virtual front porch! First the weather,a cup o joe and we will get started. First of it is beautiful here in Southwestern Ohio. Nothing but blue sky, low heat and humidity. After some powerful stormin' it seems "Momma Nature" may be settling into a fall pattern...finally!
Page One-the Week that Was-or Wasn't: I am working with a "Day of Transgender Remembrance" committee and this week  the Cincinnati Children's Hospital's  role was briefly discussed. Cincinnati Children's has a very good transgender treatment program for ages up to 24. As you can imagine, the program is very full. In fact patients come from as far as South Carolina. The whole subject brought home to me the number of transgender women and trans guys (of all ages) struggling to find health care of any kind.  Also the number of trans people who don't get counted in any census.

I saw two this week walking by which always makes me feel so much better and not alone. Although neither spoke (or vice versa). I saw one in a very difficult scenario for a chat and the other just glared. More the likely she hasn't caught up with the idea a male face somehow is made to scowl and one of the easier ways to present female is to soften your expression.

Page Two- Yesterday's Coffee- Opinion: On this anniversary of the tragic terrorist attracts on the World Trade Center/Pentagon/and Pennsylvania, I would be terribly remiss not to take a moment to remember those lost, including the first responders still struggling with severe health issues today. May we always remember that even though we are not perfect, the right to not stand during the national anthem was earned in blood. Freedom of speech is earned too.

Page Three: Well kids, time to go and enjoy this wonderful day. I hope it is for you too! Love you all!

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