Transgender Athletes?

Incoming junior Chloe Anderson is a different person today than she was five years ago.
Relentlessly bullied as a youngster, Anderson squeaked through high school with the bare minimum she needed to pass. She spent most of her teen years doing everything she could to not get noticed.
                                                              Image by Paul Rodriquez.                                                                     Today, the Orange County native is an accomplished scholar who is majoring in Russian history, with plans to go on to a Ph.D. and, ultimately, a position on a college faculty.
She’s also breaking barriers in college athletics, joining the UC Santa Cruz women’s volleyball team as an opposite and an outside hitter.
At 19, Anderson transitioned from male to female. The 24-year-old transfer from Santa Ana community college is one of the first transgender athletes to participate in the sport at the NCAA Division III level.
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