Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Most Important Item to Pack

As our trip to Maine draws ever closer, memories of previous trips across the country (particularly the deep South) come to mind.

This time I hope I don't have to be so paranoiac about the simple task of using the bathroom as I was then. I was fairly sure I was going to be pulled off our bus on the Alabama/Mississippi line and thrown in jail by a cop.

We will be traveling through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York before we get to Maine so I think we will be traveling through more transgender friendly territory before getting to Maine,

My restroom paranoia has been the most difficult part of my Mtf transition to shake. Probably due to three or four very ugly encounters years ago. I had the cops called on me twice, screamed at once and kicked out of a couple places.

And, even though I am smart enough to use the right restroom (women's) I still am trying not to pack my paranoia.

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