Sunday, July 17, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Welcome!!! KerPlunk! another Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch!

Weather: Summer Sultry (drag queen or stripper name?) here in Ohio, high's around 90 with humidity about the same. It's times like this I am happy to seemingly get away with a lot less make up. Let's grab a cup of iced caramel joe this week and get started.

Page One: The Week that Was - or Wasn't: I for one would consider it the week that wasn't for any number of reasons. Number one of course was the truck tragedy in France and thinking every morning should I even turn the news on? Plus let's not forget the Evangelicals and their new fave son VP Candidate Pence (scary).

I did read a post about a common sense approach to rest rooms (yes there is one!) It's called the individual restroom or "pick a door-any door." and among other places a grocery store chain from Minneapolis called "HyVee".  With every large format store it has opened since 2012, including three in the Twin Cities in the past year, Hy-Vee built at least nine individual restrooms, joining the ­vanguard of a design movement that had momentum even before transgender bathrooms became a political controversy this year. Big, multi-stall bathrooms as we know them — often dirty and uncomfortable for many people — are on borrowed time.
 “Pick a door, any door,” shopper Samantha Chavez said outside the bathrooms at the Oakdale Hy-Vee on a recent visit. “I can handle all my kids in the bathroom with me and it’s private.”
Single-user restrooms reduce waiting times, relieve social pressure that people with shy bladders feel in public restrooms, solve the problem faced by parents and opposite-sex caregivers waiting for their charges, and eliminate the controversy over where a transgender person should go.
For more go here. Hurry before the Evangelicals find something wrong with this idea!
Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee- Opinion: Let's see, you all probably have surmised my feelings about the Prez candidates and the new "Keep America White and Male" candidate Pence so I will shut up about that. I am sure I can't change your mind anyhow. On another subject with some rather lively debate this week, we discussed SRS and the transgender girl. I urge you to go back a  couple posts and check the comments. As far as I have always wrote, I don't think SRS is for me due to age considerations etc. However, anymore I feel I am slipping  into a more mellow position on the idea and even though Medicare does cover the surgery now would I do it? I do know one way or another I have moved from a solid "no" to "probably not" and I can't explain definitely why. Except I have been on HRT for over three years now.
Page Three: The Back Page: Well kids, it's time to finish my coffee and get moving. Thanks for spending your precious time with us at JJ's House. Stay loved and safe!

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