Friday, July 15, 2016

Maybe It's Not So Quiet?

I received three replies to a recent blog post about the relative quiet here at JJ's House (Thanks!)
Lets get to them:

"Hi I'm Robin and I'm new to your blog, I plan on checking back as often as I can. I too have not decided on surgery, just thinking of the pain is hard."

Robin, welcome! and I too have considered the pain and age considerations on my part with SRS. Plus, I am not so sure my new genitalia would define what is between my ears anymore than my old one did/does.

Or as Connie commented:
"I was so tempted earlier to say this, as it came to me when reading your post, but I thought "better" at the time. After a couple of beers though.......No SRS? You mean no JJ with a va-JJ? :-)"

And Shelle:    

"Sometimes I drop the whole box of pins and prick myself getting them back in the box."

Finally an old picture in black requested by my friend Amy ! Luv Ya! :)

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