What Is Transgender?

Explaining being transgender just isn't so easy once you get down to it.

You are not simply wanting to cross dress and look like a member of the opposite sex, you are for all the world (between your ears) a woman.

We are not trying to "fool" society any longer, we are what we are. Still, a large part of society wants to keep discriminating against us at the least or harming us at the most.

I talked to an old friend a couple days ago who had spent quite a bit of time around me as I was moving from cross dresser to transgender woman and she asked (of course) how I was doing. I said better than I ever would have expected and this full time "girl thing" I was living was the most natural move I have ever made.

So, maybe all those years of searching for gender peace in the morning when I woke up was right under my pillow.

I can't explain why I am transgender, what transgender is, just that I am.