J.J.'s Sunday Edition

Hello All! Another Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch! KerPlunk! 
Weather: We are in what I call a summer lull here in Ohio when Momma Nature gives us a break from the heat and humidity for a couple days. It has been really nice and I hope it is too where you are.

Page One: The Week that Was-or Wasn't: Here on the blog, the chatter over the drug DES very much dominated the conversation. Michelle Hart wrote (no relation I think):

"I see that the DES controversy has come out to play once again. I remember in the infancy of the internet, when many of us sought the hows and whys of who we were, many latched onto this tidbit of information. You have to remember that back in the late 80's early 90's, everyone had information to share, whether it was the right information didn't matter."
And went on: Today, I just think to myself the immortal words of Popeye, "I ams what I ams and that all I ams."
Plus, January Powell wrote: "Having previously miscarried, Mom got estrogen -- DES, I guess? She said the popular alternative then was thalidomide; call me lucky.

Thanks to all who commented on the original post.

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: Once again the world was spinning upside down or even out of control with the events in Dallas, Baton Rouge  and elsewhere. As crazy and tragic as all of this has been-some of the reaction I have seen has been worse. Some are calling for the "zombie apocalypse" is or worse yet...other end of days. What bugs me the fact I know so many good people on both sides of the spectrum. And, most certainly we can't attempt to run a society without a police force.

If once we get there, the evangelicals have just built a full fledged reproduction of the Ark down in Kentucky which may be a place to run to. Somehow though, I don't think any of the LGBT community would be allowed in two by two, and what rest rooms would we trans folk use?

I'm far from a genius but somehow we need to stop the indiscriminate killing by and of police and start to heal so together we can face an every looming greater terrorist threat.

I'm also kind of jealous in that I would love to see my grand-kids inherit a functioning country.

Page Three: Shopping On a lighter note (finally), Liz and I are thinking about taking a trip to Maine later on this fall, and it's never too early to consider what I am going to wear for the cooler weather. I have always considered seasonal shopping to be one of the greatest pleasures of being a girl!!!

Page Four: The Back Page: Well kids, it's a busy day ahead with the youngest grandson's 5th birthday party, so I must go. Take a moment to set aside your mistrust and even hatred and worship whatever higher being you believe in...we all need it!
Luv you all!!