Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Got "DES'D"!

It was interesting to me how the comments fluctuated on my DES post about the estrogen laden drug given to at risk pregnancy Mothers from the late 1940's through the 1970's.

Pat wrote: My mother miscarried three baby girls before my birth. She was treated with mega doses of estrogen...likely DES. I surmise that there may be a connection but there are also plenty of folks dealing with gender issues whose mothers did not take the drug.

Calie: My mother took DES. Her feeling was always, "if one pill is good, two are better". No doubt in my mind that this has something to do with the way I am. 

And Connie: Blessed are they who have accepted themselves for who they are without needing to know the reason (or excuse?). There are no maybes about it, a lifetime of questioning does no good at all.

No, a lifetime of questioning does no good...but I will take the blessings.

Calie, as you may have read in the link, DES was given out as some sort of a vitamin, so indeed you could be right.

And Pat good point and I wonder if my Mom found out about the connection somehow. She always had a very "over the top" (guilt?) reaction to me?

Thanks to all who responded!

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