Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Long and Winding What?


Yesterday was one of those days when it seems I was trying to catch up with my tail all day long. I'm not going to bore you with all the details except to say it seems I get to keep my HRT estrogen going for another round, which is about three months.

I say seems because yesterday I didn't see my regular endocrinologist, instead seeing his nurse practitioner. If for some reasons my iron levels shoot through the ceiling again, then conceivably the cruel and usual punishment could come and my Doc could reverse his stand on my HRT again. I take nothing for granted, except taking anything for granted at all.

Following the visit, it was off to lunch with daughter for lunch. Always a delightful time and back to Cincinnati.

Perhaps you remember the round trip I go through on "Doc" days spans about 3 1/2 hours of drive time. I have plenty of time to be by myself with the two dogs and ask questions. None quite like this though:

"Your post has led me to think that Trump would make a good Fran-n-Furter too. Would you be willing to face him in a debate, should Donald decide to compete for your role at the Halloween Ball? Donald has been a drag in the Rep. debates; he could be IN drag in yours. 

The dumb blonde in me needs to ask if the Electoral College is the same as Trump University. Does either have a track team? If so, could Caitlyn be on it?"

Connie, while The Donald has looked as if he could keep the Republican Party in the gutter single handily, he has/is dragging the Pub's down to Jenner's level. It's still not low enough to for Jenner to realize what is really going on outside the "glitter bubble" which is Jenner's life.

All those years as Olympic Champ must have cost Caitlyn Jenner brain cells!!!  

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