Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust!

In some circles, the well worn shallow and wrong criticism of transgender women has always been  we couldn't be women because we couldn't have children. Now it seems in the very near future, we may able to.

I dearly loved verbally slapping around the fewer and fewer "women?" who came at me with such an ignorant argument. Of course my answer was, how many woman born female did they know who never had kids?

Being the sarcastic mean bitch I sometimes am, sure it was fun.

Now though, I have even more ammunition to trash them with since (according to the NewYork Times  there has been a hopeful start for the first uterine transplant patient in this county.Outstanding news!

You just have to know a transgender woman isn't far behind just so Jenner's name isn't attached. Wait!! If you saw last night's show, Caitlyn seems to be pretty conflicted which gender will claim "most favorite" status?

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