The Three "F's"

You probably of heard of of "fight or flight" and I have simply added fear for my other "F." So, fear, fight or flight. 

The reason I bring it up is today when I was out and about running errands - as a woman of course and sure I felt a little uncertainty about where and when and if's of where I was going.

I thought what the hell, why was I still feeling this way and it occurred to me I always might. Unless some miracle happens I expect to never be a totally beautiful feminine critter but I do expect (and do) own what I am, The only thing I can say is I am getting better and better at adjusting to and becoming the person I was always destined to be,

In fact, I ran into a couple peeps who I hadn't seen in quite awhile. They went out of their way to say how different I acted. I was just calmer some how.

Homecoming I guess. Now If I can escape the"Three F's" with another letter of the alphabet. Happy.


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