Thursday, March 10, 2016

Turn It Over Girl.

During my Doc's visit yesterday, he mentioned it was time to schedule yet another fun filled event called a "colonoscopy."

If you are not familiar, the "event" is basically a two day deal. One is to clean you out...the other to take a peak at what is going on with your intestines. Now, rest assured this is my third time through this, so I am a relative expert.

The stories are worse than the actual "c-scope." Plus, nothing could be as bad as colon cancer.

My problem is vanity, pure and simple. I am not looking forward to wearing a hospital gown which opens in the back to the world to do this. Hair removal in certain key areas will be interesting if not painful,

Also, I see this as the first in a future of showing my "sexy" transgender body to a set of peeps I would rather not see it.

Old age.

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