Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good Question?

From Connie: " I had an incident the other night where a guy was really pushing me to submit to his lame attempts at picking me up. I finally had to take refuge in the ladies room, and then took a seat at a table of strangers to get away from him. The women at the table were happy to offer me their "protection". This is a subject for another blog, I think, but why is it that some people just assume a trans-woman is presenting herself to the world with sex in mind? This guy was beyond the point of using education. He's a total creep, but he's not the only one out there."

If you allow me to make this post the spot to discuss it...I think a fertile mix of you know what leads to what you brought up Connie. First of all, there are a big group of male creeps and the number seems to be growing all the time. While I subscribe to the idea women should be allowed to wear what they want-when they want. But, increasingly, if you are a CD or a trans girl out by yourself, then care in choosing what you wear is more important. (Cis women grow up knowing that.)

I think the worst offenders are the group I call fetish cross dressers. I could be biased because I have seen them in action. They are not sexy-or even pretty - but -as Connie said there are creeps who are attracted.

Why? Some of these guys are undecided on their own sexuality and another cross dressed man or transgender woman works just fine for them. In fact, we are downright exotic creatures to many. And (this one really aggravates me) is when a man thinks I am desperate somehow for attention (his). Really?

So, there you go Connie. I am sure you have plenty of ideas too. The problem these days is the amount of violence directed at women as a whole and transgender women in particular is more dangerous than ever before.

Keep that pepper spray handy ladies!

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