Girl's Night Out Part Two

Actually this is part two from the last post I wrote about an evening I spent years ago out with two much younger cis women socializing.  Fast forward to about three years ago, when I was invited to a birthday dinner with my partner and her friends. Looking back on it, that night was my first real girls night out of substance and it meant a lot to me.
Primarily I wanted to see what really went on on yet another "mystical" things women do that men aren't invited to or don't really want to be anyhow. 
Of course the vibe was different. Without any men present, probably everyone was freed to speak more openly about relationships, family etc. 
So I guess (not unlike my first post) I was fairly quiet again-as I learned what I was missing and did I fit.
Above all I did feel as if I fit and should have been playing in the "girl's sandbox" my entire life.
Definitely, " Girls NIght Out" part two represented another high point to my mtf gender transition at that time!