Friday, August 7, 2015

You Broke What???

In reference to yesterday's Cyrsti's Condo post concerning my "broken strut" - I'm afraid Connie, my personal "strutting" days are over. 

Actually, we are talking about my fender bender "ouchie"  on my Rolls Royce. Without any replacement parts needed on me as of yet. 

I would like to "pass" along as a final aside to the event, I did pull up my big girl panties into a giant wedgie and called the guy back myself. (Leaving Liz out.) I do believe the guy came out of all of it feeling a little confused. Hell-welcome to my world buddy!

I suppose I should come up with some witty saying that if you want to get out of something you did in boy drag-you have to send in a transgender woman to do it. Close enough.

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