Friday, August 7, 2015

Future Ideas and Planning

Time flies when you are having fun and somehow-someway Cyrsti's Condo has passed the five year point with some 4400 posts. Along the way, over a million and half souls have visited here (thanks!) and somehow I have been able to scrape together "Stiletto's on Thin Ice" an E-published book which has sold a few copies here and there. Thanks again! But don't look for me soon in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore anytime soon.

Unless you are one of a fortunate few, you probably have heard or figured the potential to get rich doing this is not good. Although I have seen many blogs soliciting donations, Cyrsti's Condo only revenue comes from the ad's you see from Google Adsense So, this whole undertaking was not undertakin' as a financial "undertaker" for me.

As a daily blogger, I can tell you the time output is enormous  and the only way I can do it -is I am highly motivated and/or semi retired. 

Having written all that, what are my plans around here for the future? I am dazzled by those who think I have all this technical ability, when in fact I struggle. (1+1=?) So often, when I read of advances I could incorporate into the blog, they sound easy until I research them. A few ideas I have though ,I can take classes about at a number of area technical schools. To name one-one of the area schools around here is offering an inexpensive blogging/podcast class this fall. I would love to add a podcast to Cyrsti's Condo! (Years and years ago I worked in the commercial radio business.)

I have other "notions" of changes here in the Condo and for the most part, I always do. Plus I have plenty of copy already written for a second book. Which I think would be as entertaining as the first one was personal.

Now I have to live long enough to do it!!! Maybe the nursing home will make sure the old crazy transgender woman in the back closet deserves her computer-right?

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